017 Mad Men Podcast: “Peggy Olson Then and Now”

In this episode we take a close look at the character Peggy Olson. We also talk about the latest news stories, we talk about some of are other favorite shows, and hear some listener feedback.

Listen to podcast below:



•  AMC Garners Six WGA Award Nominations for Acclaimed Original Dramas “Mad Men”

17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations

AMC Garners Five Golden Globe(R) Nominations

Mad Men‘s Abigail Spencer (Miss Farrell) was added to the film “This Means War”

TV Guides top 25 episodes of 2010.

EW magazine picked John Hamm as the number two entertainer of the year.

January Jones poses nude for Versace ad campaign

Feedback:  Monty, Ben, and Rashmi

Talking Topics:

• Peggy Olson

• A list of our picks for top 5 TV shows on right now

Contest: Ben’s entry “The Mowing Secretary”

2 oz. Vodka
4 oz. Sprite (or Sprite Zero)
Large (John Deere Green) Lime Wedge
1 Tbsp. “Blood Red” Grenadine
Fill glass with ice cubes.  Pour in Vodka and Sprite.  Squeeze in lime, put wedge in drink, and stir well.  SLOWLY pour in Grenadine and let settle in the bottom of the drink.