021 Mad Men Podcast – Side Characters Part 1

In this episode we continue are in-depth look into our favorite characters. This time we being a multiple part series that takes a close look at many of the side characters in Mad Men. We also talk about some Mad Men news, and feedback from our fans.


Elevator Gossip:
Main Topic: Side Characters Part 1
Herman “Duck” Phillips:
Sally Draper:
Bobby Draper:
Eugene Hofstadt:
Feedback: Dave and Graig
  • Chris from Alabama

    Hey Guys. Just getting into the show and listening to your podcast.

    On this episode you mentioned no tornadoes in Alabama yet. I checked the release date, and it happened to be on the worst day for AL tornadoes ever? ( I think so) I got chills. We were safe, but I’ll never forget hunkering down in the hall closet.
    And I’d never watched MM until I started at the beginning on netflix a month ago. Now I am all caught up and have to wait week to week or year to year like everybody else. Keep up the great work.

  • jeremiahp

    Chris, I believe we recorded that right before those terrible tornados. During the offseason we record shows and then post them later, so this was just bad timing. I am so glad you found MM and are enjoying the show.