024 Mad Men Podcast – Betty “Monster” Francis

     I this episode we take a close look at Betty “Monster” Francis, and try to figure out why she is so unhappy. We also go over the news and read some feedback.


Elevator Gossip:
• Mad Men will be doing encores every Sunday morning starting on July 31st
• Christina Hendricks to be Wonder Woman
• Mad Men receives 19 Emmy Nominations

Main Topic: Betty Francis

Feedback: Graig, Inter-dimensional Dave, and Rashmi

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  • Betty was to be in a Coca Cola ad and later denied when Draper refused to switch agencies. It was a major turning point for her, it could be argued that she began spiralling down afterwards. I remember seeing her quite happy and excited at the opportunity. I think this is a huge oversight in most Betty analysis

  • Anonymous

    Great point Marco! Thanks for the comment, I will be sure to mention it on the next podcast.