028 Mad Men Podcast – Season 1 Overview

In this episode Jeremiah and Jason do a complete overview of the first season of Mad Men. They talk about the announcement of the season 5 premiere date, and they also go over some feedback from the fans. All of this as everyone gets ready for the premiere of season 5!

Listen to podcast below:

Elevator Gossip: Mad Men is returning on March 25

Here is a link to the podcast that Jon Hamm announced the return of Mad Men. Doug Loves Movies  Warning: This podcast contains profanity.

Main Topic: Season 1 Overview

Feedback: Graig, Greg, and Ken aka Scarborough Dude

Link to another SNL Mad Men parody clip.


  Read more about the Unoffical Mad Men Cookbook that Jeremiah talked about at The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Website. Buy book at Amazon here!