036 Mad Men Podcast 506 – “Far Away Places”

In this episode Jeremiah and Jason review episode 6 of season 5 “Far Away Places”. They talk about many topics that happen during the episode, like Roger tripping on LSD, Peggy gets busy in a movie theater, and they answer the question, do people really love orange sherbet. In the gossip section Jeremiah and Jason talk about the ratings and Jon Hamm’s appearance on the Nerdist Podcast, then they close the show with some feedback from the fans.

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Main Topic:  “Far Away Places” is the sixth episode of the fifth season of the American television drama series Mad Men and the 58th episode of the series overall. It was written by Matthew Weiner and writer Semi Chellas, and directed by Scott Hornbacher. It originally aired on the AMC channel in the United States on April 22, 2012.

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Howard Johnson’s


Born Free

Feedback: Greg, Jacob, Liz and Ian

  • Kentbholm

    I enjoy listening to these podcasts, but one thing keeps irking me: that one of the hosts seems to not be much of a Mad Men fan. From what i’ve heard of the ratings this season, there’s been maybe 1 episode that he gave a favorable review to? I am certainly not saying that every episode has been perfect, but after a little while this constant criticism gets old. I mean why don’t you like the episode? It is never really explained. I mean if you aren’t a fan why are you watching the show? You are entitled to your opinion but it’d be nice if this constant criticism was more well explained.

    I’m sorry to come off so negative, but i really wanted to put that out there. I do enjoy the podcasts.

  • Jeremiah Panhorst

    I am glad you are enjoying the podcast and I am sorry to hear that you have been a little disappointed about some of the negative reviews by my co-host Jason. I can assure you that Jason is a huge fan of the show! He was the one who turned me on to the show. We still both agree that Mad Men is still the best drama on TV, but he just has not been to thrilled with the story telling so far. I do believe things are going to start heating up soon, so I think his attitude will change very soon. Just keep in mind that not everyone loves the every episode like ourselves, and even if one of us did not like the episode, we will do our best to give you a very insightful recap. Hopefully our passion for covering this show will still come out!

  • The movie Peggy went to see was The Naked Prey – it was the movie Abe said he wanted them to see that night.

    I was surprised you didn’t mention that Timothy Leary was “guiding” Roger and Jane’s LSD trips.  He was the most famous purveyor of LSD and popularized the phrase “Turn on, tune in, drop out”.

    A shout out to Mike Uppendahl (my sister’s high school friend) who is directing next week’s episode of Mad Men and next Tuesday’s episode of Glee.

  • Lostie

    Hey guys….been Loving ur MM Podcasts….just wanted to mention something…..

    the reason Peggy did what she did in the movies is cause she was smoking pot, when u get high on pot u do many things u would never do….u never mentioned that she was smoking pot with the guy beforehand……

    unlike u….i just Loved this epi….the getting high with roger and peggy just brought back many memories from the 60’s….every season has been Great going thru what i went thru the same time in the 60’s…..

    btw, to the poster bout the movie….yes ur right “The Naked Prey” was the movie that Abe wanted to see but when Peggy went to the movies she was mad at Abe and decided to go see a different movie “Born Free”, another fact that JJ forgot to mention…..

    Keep up the Great work guys…..☺…….