037 Mad Men Podcast 507 – “At the Codfish Ball”

In this episode Jeremiah and Jason review Mad Men episode 7 of season 5 “At The Codfish Ball”. They talk about many topics that happen during the episode, like Peggy is shaking up with Abe, Megan saves the Heinz account, and Roger seems to be back . In the gossip section Jeremiah and Jason talk about the ratings and other subjects, then they close the show with some feedback from the fans.

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Main Topic: “At the Codfish Ball” is the seventh episode of the fifth season of the American television drama series Mad Men and the 59th episode of the series overall. It was written by Jonathan Igla and directed by Michael Uppendahl. It originally aired on the AMC channel in the United States on April 29, 2012.

Fun Facts:

“At the Codfish Ball” song

Feedback: Brendon, Karen, Scarborough Dude, JaeAnn and Lostie

  • Lostie

    Just wanted to mention a few things…..
    1)in regard to Betty’s dinner with Abe….i will say that she had a few chances to say to him after he mentioned that they live together..she could have said to him “u mean, you want to get married?”…or “do u want to get engaged?”….or something in that regard that will tell him that she wants to get married…..

    2)Mad Men is on a basic cable channel but the show is Rated MA-TV…and i feel ur podcast should be rated for adults as well…..i felt so bad listening to u guys trying not to be so graphic and trying to be as clean as possible, lol…u was so funny……

    3) By the way, for the fans who watched that scene with Sally seeing Roger doing the unmentioned, lol….in the filming that scene she did not see nothing but the director and the stage hands telling her how to react because she wasnt watching them doing the deed that we saw on tv…..

    Thanks guys for the shout-out in ur podcast…you both are Great….btw, im a female Lost addict, lol…☺…

  • Lostie

    Sorry i mentioned Betty’s name instead of Peggy’s name….im afraid i just miss her so much, she was in so many epi’s in the first 4 seasons but her storyline has just disappeared now….☺….

  • psnyd478

    I enjoy the concepts in your podcast, but I wanted to correct a few things in your “At the Codfish Ball” episode.

    1. Dr. Timothy LEARY is pronounced Leer-E, not Leer. He did not invent LSD, but he is perhaps it’s best known advocate. Yes, he was the “guide” at the party in Far Away Places. I’m sure if they needed permission to use his name they got it from his estate. He died in 1996.

    2. The writer on the episode is Mike Upendall. prounounced Up-En-Dall.

    3. The actress who plays Mona and is married to John Slattery is Talia Balsam. It’s pronounced. Ta-lia with the emphasis on the first A. Just like Talia Shire of Rocky, fame.

  • Lostie

    Oh dear guys…you got schooled by a English Speech Major,  lol…..

    btw…..Talia Balsam is the daughter of the oscar-winning actor Martin Balsam also….loved him in Psycho, when he fell down the stairs in slow motion just before Norman stabbed him to death and also he was great in Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 when his famous cough got him at the end….☺…..

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