039 Mad Men Podcast 509 – “Dark Shadows”

In this episode Jeremiah is joined by Chris Titchenal, and they review the ninth episode “Dark Shadows” of season 5. They discuss many topics that happen during the episode, like the return of Betty Monster, Pete’s fantasy, and Roger getting in touch with his inner Jew . In the gossip section they talk about the ratings and they talk about Jessica Paré’s breast, then they close the show with some feedback from the fans.

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Elevator Gossip Links:

• Jessica Paré’s name was submitted by AMC for the lead actress role for the Emmy nomination

• Jon Hamm was on SNL again last weekend on the digital short.

• Jessica Paré says she is more famous for going topless in Hot Tub Time Machine, than being on MM.

• Mad Men Ratings

Main Topic:  “Dark Shadows” is the ninth episode of the fifth season and the 61tst episode of the series overall. It was written by Erin Levy and directed by Scott Hornbacher. It originally aired on the AMC channel in the United States on May, 13th, 2012.

Mad Facts:

“Dark Shadows” the daytime TV show.

• New York Times Magazine feature on the ad game, including that photo of the partners from the agency Wells Rich Greene was real.

• New York City 1966 smog

• Weight Watchers facts

• Manischewitz wine.

• The final song was “Sweeping The Clouds Away” Maurice Chevalier: Link to lyrics

Next time on Mad Men “Christmas Waltz”

Feedback: Greg, Liz, Dave, and Drew. And a special Thank You to Floyd