041 Mad Men Podcast 511 – “The Other Woman”

In this episode Jeremiah and Jason review episode 11 “The Other woman” of season 5. They discuss Joan becoming a whore a, the Jaguar pitch, and Peggy’s big move. In the gossip section Jeremiah and Jason talk about the ratings and they discuss the unhappy Jaguar executive, and then they close the show with some feedback from the fans.

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Elevator Gossip Links:

• Mad Men’s Jessica Pare to present at the CFDA Awards

• Jaguar executive not happy with the episode.

Mad Men ratings, over 2 million.

Main Topic: “The Other Woman” is the 11 episode of the fifth season of Mad Men and the 63th episode of the series overall. It is co-written by Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner, and directed by Phil Abraham. It aired on the AMC channel in the United States on May 27, 2012.

Mad Facts:

• Joan says that the initial $50,000 offer would be four times her salary, which would set it around $12,500 a year. So Teddy would be paying Peggy a lot more ($19,000) than the pre-partnership Joan to be his copy chief. (And for those who enjoy seeing the numbers adjusted for inflation, her salary would be more than $120,000 in today’s dollars.)

• The show Megan auditioned for was Jules Feiffer’s “Little Murders,” and she’s probably better off for not getting cast in the 1967 production, which only ran a handful of performances. The 1969 revival, on the other hand? An enormous hit, and one that was spun off into a 1971 movie starring Elliott Gould and directed by Alan Arkin.
Mad Facts are from Alan Sepinwall:

Feedback: Marie, Liz and Greg

  • Karen

    Listening to your take on “The Other Woman”, I wanted to talk about the idea that Joan would not have made the deal if she had not had a child.  I really don’t think that was the motivation for doing it.  If she was that motivated by  her child she would have accepted Roger’s help and put aside her pride.  The reason she did this was the same reason she gave Roger his money back.  She wants to be independant of men.  She is done with men.