043 Mad Men Podcast 513 – “The Phantom”

In this episode Jeremiah and Jason review the season five finale “The Phantom”. They discuss Don and Megan’s relationship, the return of Peggy and Pete’s problems with commuter trains. In the gossip section Jeremiah and Jason talk about the ratings, then they close the show with some feedback from the fans.

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Elevator Gossip Links:

Jon Hamm’s “Ask A Grow Man”

• Mad Men finale had the highest finale ratings with 2.7 million viewers, up 15%.

Main Topic: “The Phantom” is the thirteenth episode and season finale of the fifth season of the American television drama series Mad Men and the 65th episode of the series overall. It is co-written by Jonathan Igla and Matthew Weiner and directed by Weiner. It originally aired on the AMC channel in the United States on June 10, 2012.

Mad Facts:

•  Virginia Slims

“You Only Live Twice” song. Lyrics:  Link to the movie:

Feedback:  Andrew, Inter-dimensional Dave, Greg, James and Greg.

  • Legallybrundtte327

    There was in fact a “Previously On Mad Men” segment at the top of the episode.

  • Jeremiah Panhorst

    Thanks for checking! Do you have Dish Network? I believe only Dish Network customers missed out on the “Previously on Mad Men” segment, because both of my DVR’s did not have it recorded.

  • nicky

    I was just listening to some old podcasts and just wanted to let you know (even though I’m sure you don’t even care about it anymore), that the Jon Hamm video is part of a video series on Rookie magazine. Rookie magazine is an online magazine aimed at teen girls. So, the teen girls ask advice from the perspective of a grown man. Others who have participated as the “grown man” include Andy Samberg, Adam Scott, Jimmy Fallon, and Paul Rudd.

    I love your podcast, I wish that I had found it sooner. I heard about it when Jeremiah appeared on Rob Has a Podcast.
    I appreciate the easy going, amiable conversation between 2 friends. I feel like I’m sitting on the front porch hanging out with you guys.