056 Mad Men 608 – The Crash


In this episode Jason and Jeremiah review episode 08 of season 6 The Crash. They discuss topics like, the Chevy account, Don losing Sylvia, bad parenting and drugs, drugs and more drugs. Then they close the show with some feedback from the fans.

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Episode Info: The Crash was the 8th episodes of season 6 and the 73rd overall episodes of the series. It was written by Jason Grote and Matthew Weiner and directed by Michael Uppendahl. It originally aired on the AMC channel in the United States on May 19, 2013 with 2.16 million viewers.

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  • Amy Mabry Cundiff

    First off- FLOYD!!! That was me in the chatroom with you the other night, my family also doesnt watch Mad Men and I am always wanting to talk to someone about the episode, that is why I have been to the chat the last couple of times. Thanks for chatting with me! Second- After watching a second time I wondered if Sylvia’s husband is even home. Think about it- if she is in the kitchen, wouldnt she smell the cig smoke? My guess is he moved to wherever for a new job and she stayed behind for some reason or another and doesnt want Don to know. Third- Floyd and I kinda called that Grandma Ida was a phony while chatting, but I started to doubt my self and think she played a part in the whorehouse somehow. Last- not about the show but related- did anyone else watch the reality show they used to have on amc with 2 real agencies vying for an account? That was pretty interesting, I wish they would bring that back! Anyway- Thanks for the podcast guys, keep up the good work. Barring an emergency I will be in the chat on Sunday if people want to chat!

  • HoH8

    When u mentioned The Dakota…i was waiting for u to talk bout thats where John Lennon was living when he was killed…..I cant believe u knew nothing bout Rosemary’s Baby….that was a Classic movie…☺…

  • jeremiahp

    We have received a lot of comments about our ignorance of the Rosemary’s Baby book and movie. I plan to watch the movie soon.