059 Mad Men 611 – Favors

MMP_60In this episode Jeremiah and Jason review episode 10 Favors of season 6. They discuss topics like Don and Sally’s relationship, Pete’s mother, Peggy’s rat problem and much more.

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Episode Info: Favors is the 11th episodes of season 6 and the 76th overall episodes of the series. It was written by Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner and directed by Jennifer Getzinger. It originally aired on the AMC channel in the United States on June 9, 2013.

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  • ex-listener

    Wow, what a horrible podcast. Jason couldn’t possibly be more boring with comments that rarely say anything even remotely intelligent or even exceed 5 words. And for some reason Jeremiah panders to Jason’s insipidness. Jason gets the award for worst podcast co-host ever. Completely unlistenable and all episodes have been deleted from Podkicker.

  • rob

    So for you to like it Don life has to be perfect? this is a disappointing podcast.

  • rob

    i agree with the other poster that Jason guy adds totally nothing.

  • captbilly

    I agree with everybody. Jason adds nothing to the podcast. Hope was SOOO good last week. Jason sounds like he is bored with Mad Men and this podcast.

    And, you stopped doing the gossip section because Jason didn’t like it. I LOVE the gossip section. This show is the only place i get that info. Some of us can’t sit in front of a screen all day to find this stuff.

    Again, Chris and Hope both had thoughts about MM and were articulate on the air. Jason deepest thought seems to be, ” Well, I thought the show was okay this week.” Please, Jason, for the good of the podcast, step down. Let Jeremiah have a rotating cast of co-host who WANT to be on the broadcast.

  • captbilly

    Oh, I forgot Jon Steiert. He was better than Jason , too.

  • jeremiahp

    I am sorry the podcast did not work for you. Jason is one of my oldest friends and was the person who turned me onto Mad Men. I need a co-host & invited him to join me. I am not going to turn my back on him just because he may not have much to add sometimes. We just do this for fun and don’t take ourselves that seriously. I do have other guest joining us for the remaining season, maybe you will like that.

  • jeremiahp

    Rob, Can not speak for Jason but I really enjoyed the podcast. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars and that’s pretty good. I just hate seeming our leading man in that situation. I hardly ever say there was a perfect episode. I hope you continue to listen!

  • jeremiahp

    See my response below Rob.

  • jeremiahp

    Captbilly, See my post below about Jason.

    As for the gossip section that is all my fault. I do all the work for the podcast and just have not had time to find stuff for us to talk about. But I can say that there has not been a lot of great stories to share. I promise I will bring it back and I have plans for other fun things to do on the podcast. And no I did not stop the gossip section because Jason wanted to. He has never asked me to change anything on the show.

  • jeremiahp

    I agree all the guest have been great, and I have more joining us for the final 3 podcast. I hope you enjoy there comments as well. Stay Mad and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Graig Fravel

    I think the thing to keep in mind with this podcast is that while this is something that Jeremiah in particular is passionate about, that this is not where his bread is buttered. It’s a hobby. He makes no money from it, and has to fit it in with a host of other obligations. I am also passionate about great radio and podcast programs. I would love to start one myself someday. However, with a family and job and other things, I cannot. I am amazed they find time to do this and put as much time and effort into the cast and the website. I think by bringing in guests to join the TWO of them, that it is a nice compromise and keeps things on the show interesting.