060 Mad Men 612 – The Quality of Mercy


In this episode Jeremiah and Jason are joined by film editor and Mad Men fan Rene and they review episode 12 of season 6 The Quality of Mercy. They discuss topics like Peggy and Ted’s relationship, Sally going to boarding school, Pete getting to the bottom of the Bob Benson mystery and turtleneck sweaters.

Listen to podcast below:

Guest info: Follow him on twitter @renejherrera and you can take a look at some of his work here: vimeo.com/renejherrera & http://www.hulu.com/college-football-uncut

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Episode Info: The Quality of Mercy is the 12th episodes of season 6 and the 77th overall episodes of the series. It was written by Andre Jacquemetton and Maria Jacquemetton directed by Phil Abraham. It originally aired on the AMC channel in the United States on June 16, 2013.

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  • captbilly

    Jeremiah, sorry about busting you balls about Jason. He did a much better job this week. And you are such a good friend, defending him the way you do. I found you about a year ago, and I do really love the show, and I appreciate all the hard work you do. I am looking forward to your podcast for the season finale. I hope you plan on doing a season 6 wrap up show. And PLEASE try to get the show posted on Tuesday night. I listen to you at work, and the only chance I get to download is on Tuesdays. Again, love the show, sorry about messing with Jason.

  • nicky

    Just want to clarify that Jim Cutler said that a client “cupped” his wife’s breast otherwise known as copping a feel.

  • jeremiahp

    Great catch Nicky!

  • jeremiahp

    No problem. Yes we do plan on doing a season 6 wrap up podcast. Unfortunately I had a death in my family today, so the season finale podcast will be delayed till Wednesday June 26. I really appreciate you and all of the listeners.