073 Mad Men Podcast – 704 The Monolith

In this episode of the Mad Men podcast, Jeremiah and Elise review episode 4 of season 7 “The Monolith”. They also go over some Mad Men news and take some questions from the listeners.

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Mad Men Episode Info“The Monolith” is the forth episode of the 7th season of the American television drama series Mad Men. It was written by Erin Levy. Directed by Scott Hornbacher. It originally aired on the AMC channel in the United States on May 4th, 2014.

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  • captbilly

    Hi! I know Megan wasn’t in this week’s episode, but I wanted to say something the week she was on, but I forgot. I don’t think she is going to be killed in a Manon murder, but she is living in the neighborhood. I think one of the murders will happen near her home, and it will scare her enough to want to come home to New York.

    Love the show, love Elise, keep up the good work!

  • Aubrey Railsback

    ThAnks foe doing this podcast, I really do love this show. My question this week is why is Peggy still mad at don and is she holding a grudge?

  • jpanhorst

    I like that theory captbilly! I don’t buy into the notion that she will be killed, but when the murders happen she could get spooked into coming home. Great idea!

  • jpanhorst

    Aubrey, I think she still blames Don for Ted leaving. She does not realize that it was Ted who came begging to Don to let him go to California. There is other reasons she may not like him right now, but I think that one bothers her the most.

  • nicky

    Ginsberg always looks like he bought his wardrobe at Goodwill. Nothing ever fits him right and its wrinkled and slightly out of date. I have wondered why Matthew Weiner puts in these small characters like Ginsberg. We are shown where he lives, his father, a date he has. We are given quite a bit of background, but then he never really has much of a storyline. MW does that with a lot of small characters. I guess it just adds to the richness and depth of the show. But sometimes I feel as if the viewing time is taken away from some of the main characters and storylines.

  • nicky

    Oops! I guess I spoke too soon!

  • jpanhorst

    I know right! I was just thinking about your post when I was watching this last episode. The signs have always been there with his character and now he will be living in a mental instution for a long while. It’s like you knew this would happen! Are you sure you don’t get to see advance screenings?