085 Mad Men Podcast – New Business

In this episode of the Mad Men podcast, Jeremiah Panhorst and Elise Crane Derby review episode 9 of season 7 “New Business”. Then they take questions from the audience.

Listen to podcast below:

You can now watch the podcast.

Mad Men Episode Info: New Business” is the 9th episode of the 7th season of Mad Men. It was written by Matthew Weiner and Tom Smuts, and directed by Michael Uppendahl. It originally aired on the AMC channel in the United States on April 12th, 2015.

  • LunaLuv3180

    Whose dog is it that I always hear in the background? It’s kinda distracting.

  • Elise Crane Derby

    Sorry. We have very open floor plans here in LA and the only room I can close off other than the bathroom is my bedroom and it is next to my neighbors yard. If their dogs are out there and the squirrels are in the mood to taunt them there is barking. We need to put the hobo code for dog on the podcast I guess….