089 Mad Men Podcast – The Milk and Honey Route

In this episode of the Mad Men Podcast Jeremiah Panhorst and Elise Crane Derby review episode 13 of season 7 “The Milk and Honey Route. Then they take questions from the audience.

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Mad Men Episode Info“The Milk and Honey Route” is the 13th episode of the 7th season of the AMC drama series Mad Men. It was written by Matthew Weiner and Carly Wray, and directed by Matthew Weiner. It originally aired on AMC in the United States on May 12, 2015.

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  • Wolf Bogacz

    Concerning the cost of liquor in Kansas in early 1970s. You commented that last night’s episode $20 for liquor was expensive. Remember that Kansas was a DRY state until the late 1980’s, and certain counties in Kansas still rmeain so. It would have been a deal for the kid to get liquor into the motel.

  • Luz

    I think has learned his lesson. At least he knows that if he screws Trudy over again she will go all out crazy on him. That fear and his memories of how much he sucked at being single will keep him in tow.

  • Luz

    For the last episode. Class reunion at Betty’s funeral. All are gathered. Joan is married and happy. Pete and Trudy cling to each other. Peggy and Stand stand together and look out the window. Lighting is bright. Roger is poring drinks at the bar. The kids playing with Sally as Francis sits off in the distance. Last shot…. Iconic seen of Don with his arm over the sofa with cigarette in hand surveying his life. Camera fades our. Last song is the theme song. Letting the audience know that all these characters are going to move on to new adventures and similar mistakes.

  • John

    This is an ingenious way to get everyone back together for a short segment on the show. Great idea.

  • captbilly

    My fantasy last episode, and I’ve had this fantasy since season 3 or 4.

    It’s 1980, and Roger has died, lung cancer, ironically. Peggy and Don are the only two who show up from SC&P, (maybe Joan, since Kevin is his son, but I made this up before that happened). They attend the funeral, exchange pleasantries, and bump into each other at a diner later the same day. They go in and discuss why they didn’t talk at the funeral, and what happened to every body else in the last 10 years. Won’t happened, but I have my fingers crossed.

  • Sofia

    Baby Gene spoke in “A Little Kiss”. Don dropped them off and he said “say good-night, honey” and Gene replies, “good-night, daddy”. They don’t show his face, though.

    I’m a nerd.

  • jeremiahp

    I love that Luz! It would be a very nice ending!

  • jeremiahp

    You never know!

  • jeremiahp

    I total agree! I would be afraid of the wrath of Trudy!

  • jeremiahp

    Wolf, this episode took place in Alva OK, but that state shares the same strict alcohol laws even today. It’s possible that the town Don was in was a dry county making it harder to get that whiskey. Great points and thanks for listening to the podcast! I love have smart listeners.

  • Just Visiting

    I just found this podcast but I only got about 10 minutes in since they kept saying that the title of the episode was “The Milk and Honey Routine”. If they cannot even get the title of the episode right, I shudder to think what else they would get wrong. They seem nice, but my #1 requirement for a podcast is know what you are talking about.

  • DannDraper

    I’m not sure Don will return to bring up the kids…Sally has left home and the other two pretty much regard Henry as their guardian – remember Bobby worrying that somebody would shoot Henry? It would be nice if he plays a role in their life of course, but it really seems like he is shedding his attachments now and I’m really not sure he’s going home to settle down as many are predicting.

    But who knows?!!!

    Great show, great podcast and I’ll miss you all.

  • jeremiahp

    In the last 5 years that I have been podcasting about Mad Men I have made many mistakes. But I am most embarrassed about this one. All I can do at this point is apologize. I plan to fix this tonight when I get home. I hope you change your mind and listen to the rest of the show, but I would understand if you do not want to. I can promise you that we know the show very well and I feel there is some great dialogue in this podcast!

  • jeremiahp

    Don is such a hard character to predict what he’s going to do. I was watching “The Hobo Code” last night and was reminded about his talk with the hobo when he was a kid. Makes me think that Don maybe looking for a life that involves him meeting new people and going on an adventure each day of his life. I guess we will find out soon what will happen.

  • DannDraper

    Really interesting to hear you guys discuss the possibility of him turning himself in – I think that would be a good ending. His conscience is clearly struggling. But I guess that goes against the freedom of the “hobo” lifestyle.

    He uses his one phone call in jail to call Betty (person to person) and the kids, finds out what has happened to her and yet it’s too late to go back and take care of his children. Tragic!

    Enjoy Sunday, I have to wait an extra day…all the best from Scotland!

  • captbilly

    Okay, here’s what I think IS going to happen. Don not going back to NY. He has nothing left to back to. No home (any money from the old apartment is tied up paying for the new apartment, he wasn’t there to sign any paperwork , so who knows where that money is), no money ( I think the money he gave Megan was the bulk of of his cash. You 2 where speculating that Don had “millions”. This is 1970, a million was like a zillion back then, he was looking forward to his cash from his new job, and he gave that up.), no family ( I’m pretty sure Henry gets custody of Betty’s kids, even if he didn’t adopt them. I don’t think Don could come back and swoop in and take his kids back if he wanted to, which he does not.), no job. What’s to go back to?

    Don will make it to the Grand Canyon,and I think he will assume a new identity. Back then, all you had to do to become somebody else was find a graveyard, find a dead baby from 30-40 years ago, go to the courthouse, ask for a copy of the of the dead baby’s birth certificate, go to the DMV, get a driver’s license with the dead baby’s name, go to the next state over, and set up a new life.

    I think everybody else’s story lines have been tied up. We know what happened to Peggy, Betty, Roger, Joan, and Pete. Everybody else is a supporting character, and don’t matter.

    I love your show, and I’m going to miss you guys as much as Mad Man. Good luck guys !!