090 Mad Men Podcast – Person to Person

In this episode of the Mad Men Podcast Jeremiah Panhorst and Elise Crane Derby review episode 14 of season 7 “Person to Person”. The episode was recorded Live in LA right after the episode aired. Hear their first reactions to the final episode of Mad Men.

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  • JenerallyLost

    Hi Jeremiah and Elise, I have lived in Japan for all of season 7 and I’ve loved watching on iTunes. I have been a fan of Mad men since the beginning and being in a foreign country it has been the sweetest slice of home and nostalgia I have, I will miss it so deeply. But that said, I thought the final chapters were absolute genius and works of art. I think my initial reaction was very similar to yours, kind of dazed and happy but…but…it that it? I want to see more. I just finished listening to your podcast and I’ve had a night to sleep on it. And I feel like it couldn’t have been more perfect. We do know everyone’s ending. And it isn’t am ending. We can imagine them going on and because they really never changed, just became more conscius of WHO they were, we kind of know what they are doing. People can learn from their mistakes and they can strive to do better but they have to learn to accept themselves for who they are at their worst. Don and Peggy’s person to person call was like a confessional. He finally said out loud what all of his gravest sins. And he had to face them and forgive himself, Peggy only needed to hear. Beautiful. and with that iconic commercial we know that he does do it. And you know, I have to say he has known love, his childhood was hard and his parents failed him, but he did love Betty and then Megan. And Anna. He loved them and let them love him, but his guilt and regret never let him believe he deserved it.
    For things left unsaid or solved, for me there really isn’t much. But one thing, is Salvatore. I would have liked one time glimpse of him maybe shooting something for Joan’s company, living an open life true to himself. It’s too big a story to tell in a glance though. And the real beauty of this finale, is that I think it’s a realistic stretch for me to imagine it and be content that it is the truth. Thank you for putting out your podcast and giving me some a little more mad men to digest. I will be listening next week.

  • JenerallyLost

    Oh, one more thing. I really hope Bobby has a special moment with Betty where she forgives him for eating her lunch on the field trip day. I hate to think of him holding that regret forever. I’m kidding but I’m serious. Poor bobby.

  • jeremiahp

    I absolutely loved everything you wrote! I do agree about Sal and yes poor Bobby. Hopefully he does have a moment with Betty before she die. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for listening to the podcast!

  • DannDraper

    I’m just starting to function again. Quite an ending. I watched it first thing in the morning from over here in Edinburgh and the unfamiliarity of watching it in the morning, a little dazed, only heightened the emotion! I’m not proud to say it’s the most emotional I’ve been since that first watch of It’s a Wonderful Life! Or Braveheart (obviously)!

    I’m glad you’ll still be doing a bit more on Mad Men. I’m not ready to completely say goodbye yet so thank you for not making us go “cold turkey”. Don’t know how I feel about finding something else…any recommendations? The Wire? The Shield? Sons of Anarchy? It’s difficult to be enthusiastic about moving on but I guess we all have to now. It feels good and then it doesn’t. Maybe it’s time to get writing again…

    Incidentally, I’m going to be controversial and say I’m fine with the Sal ending. Life is like that; people come and go from our lives and we’re sometimes left feeling dissatisfied and pondering what happened to them. Tying up that loose end so late on would have been a bit much, in my humble opinion.

    Oh, one last thing, can we confirm that the image Matt Weiner had in his mind for the ending all that time was Don meditating?!!! A thing like that…

  • Graig Fravel

    That moment where Bobby said, “I wish it were yesterday,” just shattered me. I still think about it, too.

  • jeremiahp

    I agree, we don’t really need to know what happened to Sal. But I can understand why people wanted to know.

    There are so many good shows. The ones you mentioned are amazing! I would also included Breaking Bad in the list. Thanks for listening!

  • jeremiahp

    That was heart breaking to hear. Did you know that happened to Matthew Weiner? He traded his mothers sandwich away during a field trip and his mother scolded him for it.


    Here’s something I noticed that I haven’t heard mentioned by anyone else & I noticed by accident upon second viewing which I think must’ve been deliberate because if you look at most of the photos of the actor he has short hair & is relatively clean shaven but in this episode he looks a lot like Alan Watt:

    Jeffrey Parise:

  • jeremiahp

    Great catch! Jeffery was definitely made up to look like Alan Watt.