091 Mad Men Podcast – Season 7 Wrap Up

In this episode of the Mad Men Podcast Jeremiah Panhorst and Elise Crane Derby take one last look at the Mad Men finale, “Person to Person”. They also reflect on the final season and the show as a whole. Then they answer questions from the listeners.

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  • DannDraper

    Hi Jeremiah and Elise, I’m wondering what your favourite season and favourite episode of the show was?

    For me, there is a stretch of episodes in season 4 which are just sensational, and for that reason I would go with Season 4.

    Episodes wise, I hate to go with the crowd but The Suitcase is amazing. As is the final episode 🙂

    Hope you guys are well

  • jeremiahp

    Picking a favorite season and episode is very hard! I to lean towards season 4 and the suitcase, but there are many episodes in season 1 that I love just as much.

    We plan to do a best episode and season podcast soon and I will should be able to commit to one then.

  • DannDraper

    Sounds great! Look forward to it 🙂
    Since my post I feel that Season 5 is a real contender, too; “Mystery Date” through to “Lady Lazerus” is a particularly brilliant run.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Jim Fanning

    Hi Jeremiah and Elise–Thank you for this great podcast. I have really enjoyed it and think you both did a great job. I hope you will continue on with the podcast even though the Mad Men series has concluded. One thing you can do is go back to the beginning and cover episodes that were broadcast before Jeremiah started the podcast. I am sure you have many ideas about what you could do. But whatever you do, please continue. Thank you!

  • jeremiahp


    Thank you so much for the kind words! We definitely plan to do some more podcasting soon. I did cover a few older episodes in the past, and I could see myself doing it again. Look for the show to return with some discussion about the best episodes, seasons, lines etc.

    Stay Mad and thank you for listening!