• Funny that there are no votes for the event that led to Peggy’s rise at Sterling Cooper. Even I missed it.

  • Robert

    Was that Freddie’s incident?

  • Yep. It seemed inconsequential looking at the list, but she did take his office and did move up pretty fast perhaps due to his downward trajectory.

  • jeremiahp

    I personally did not think about it but this is true. Freddie is the reason she even got a shot at writing. Even if Freddie did not get fired, I like to think that Don was going to promote Peggy eventually.

  • Graig Fravel

    I think the event that eventually led to Peggy’s rise isn’t on there, and that is the brainstorming session for Belle Jolie. I personally voted for them starting SCDP, although there were events that led to that….Don being made to sign a contract to get the Hilton account, Lane having to stay because Guy was without his foot, and going all the way back to Bert finding out about Don’s identity….making Don sign the contract.

  • jeremiahp

    I agree that all of the moments you mention Graig are big time moments for the show. Trying to pin down the biggest is really impossible, but it’s fun to talk about it.

  • captbilly

    Good question, Jeremiah! I know it’s too late now, but this would have worked better, if you had broken it down by seasons, then had a run -off. But back to the question, wouldn’t Don’s true identity be the biggest moment? Its what the whole series revolves around. Now FAVORITE moment , that’s different. The one that sticks in my mind was when Don dumped Faye and married Megan. I thought for sure he was going to marry, (or at least run a season with) Faye.

    From what you have on the list, I would go with the lawnmower or the nipple. The mower came out of nowhere,where as the whole Ginsberg character arc was building to “The Cutting” .

    I’m looking forward to another season of the podcast, and dreading the end of my favorite TV show. Keep up the good work, Jeremiah!

  • Luz

    For me… by far the exodus from Sterling Cooper. Having Lane fire them. Don taking the leap. That whole episode is epic. Joan’s heroic return. Peggy sassing Roger. The final scene in this episode. Walking into the living room after letting Betty go and looking onto his new family. The true love of his life and the only thing he really can return to.