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  • Mike Scibetta

    Hi Jeremiah, I just started listening to your Podcast this morning. I am right now into 402
    I am very involved with Podcasts, and Newsgroups, mostly with Walt Disney World here in Florida. Anyway, so far so good. I just added you to my Twitter, I am mscibetta, and I have a pretty good following.
    I am looking forward to more of your Podcasts. I have been watching Madmen since it Premiered, but I really don’t have anybody to talk to about the show. After last nights excellent episode, I started looking for a podcast to help fill that void.
    OK, I am work, so I will get back in touch soon.


  • Jeff Deane

    The flower name is the common chrysanthemum (kri-san-thuh-muhm), or the mum. No need to publish this, but that pronunciation gave you some trouble.


    Thanks for the great podcast. Still catching up as I just found your site this week. Take care!

  • Greg

    Sally running away again, but this time someone dies before she goes to the city. My fiancé ant and uncale remind me the roger made a mess at meeting with japannise Clint, and did not get fired for it. Don will be back at agency.

  • jeremiahp

    Greg, I believe you are correct, Don will return to SC&PARTNERS soon!