Mad Men Cocktail Contest


This contest is very simple. Follow the lead of Jason Pezold (host of the Mad Men Podcast), and create a cocktail that is inspired by Mad Men. You can use any theme to design the drink. Your inspiration could be a character of the show, like Jason Pezold’s “The Don Draper” (see recipe below), or maybe just a scene from your favorite episode. Just be creative and as long as the drink has a clear inspiration from the show, then we will include it in the contest. The winner will be decided by the hosts of the Mad Men Podcast- Jason Pezold and Jeremiah Panhorst. They will choose the cocktail that both tastes the best and is the most creative. The contest will end on April 29th at 5PM eastern time, and the winner will be announced on the following podcast. Send all entries to

THE PRIZE: The winner will receive a brand new copy of Mad Men season 4 on DVD.



Don Draper Drink:

3 part Canadian Club®
2 part Sprite
2 part Canadian Dry ginger ale

  • JoAnn Klimowicz

    The Peggy Olson (variation on the pink squirrel)

    2 oz Chambord
    2 oz half and half or light cream
    2 oz white creme de cacao
    2 oz amaretto
    vanilla ice cream

    mix ingredients in a blender serve in a martini glass

    Jo-Ann Klimowicz —