Mad Men Podcast 404 “The Rejected”

In this episode I will discuss episode 4 of season 4. In the episode we have Alison throwing a paperweight at Don, Peggy exploring her hippie side, Kenny’s return, and Pete is going to be a father. I share some interesting news stories, and we have feedback from listeners, Inter-Dimensional Dave, Rashmi, and Floyd.

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Jimmy Fallon Gets Mad In Emmy Promos: Link to the story, and a link to the video.

January Jones Cast in X-Men: First Class: Link to the story.

“Mad Men” star Elisabeth Moss has split from comedian Fred Armisen: Link to the story.

Feedback: Emails from Inter-Dimensional Dave, Rashmi, and Floyd.

Recap: My take on the episode.

The Ads of the times: Hilton Hotels

Links: To Video, Wikipedia on Conrad Hilton, Hilton Hotels, and vintage travel ads from the 1960’s.

Next time on Mad Men:
Episode 5: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword – Don and Pete go against Roger in efforts to win a new account.

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