Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew:

A brief history of Mountain Dew.

1940’s Two brothers, Ally and Barney Hartman, were bottling a lithiated-lemon (“7-up” flavor) drink as a personal mixer for hard-liquor. They jokingly called the drink “Mountain Dew” after Tennessee Mountain Moonshine.

1948 The Hartman Brothers filed for and received a trademark on the now famous label – a professional redraw of the 1946 paper label. The flavor was still the 7-up type flavor originated by them in the 1940’s.

1951 Ally ordered the first ACL Mountain Dew bottle. The bottle was green glass with white paint (no red) showing a hillbilly shooting at a revenuer running from an outhouse. The bottle read “by BARNEY and ALLY”. Interestingly, when the bottles arrived they were put in a warehouse and not used till 1955.

1964 Pepsi acquires a regional brand called Mountain Dew.

1965 Mountain Dew launches its first campaign, “Ya-Hoo Mountain Dew It’ll tickle your innards.” Here is a commercial using that campaign.

Here is some old ads with that same slogan.

Other campaigns included.

1966 Mountain Dew gains popularity with new tag line tag line, “Ya-Hoo, Mountain Dew!”

1973 The third Mountain Dew slogan, “Put A Little Ya-Hoo in Your Life,” debuts.

1974 Television ads introduce the new theme line, “Hello, Sunshine, Hello, Mountain Dew.”

1986 “Dew It Country Cool” becomes the new slogan for Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is now the sixth-largest brand in the industry, supporting double-digit growth annually for the past eight years. Pepsi broadens Mountain Dew popularity with the introduction of Diet Mountain Dew .

1992 Mountain Dew growth continues, supported by the antics of an outrageous new Dew Crew whose claim to fame is that, except for the unique great taste of Dew, they’ve “Been there, done that, tried that.”

1993 “Do the Dew” tag line is introduced.

To me it is clear that Mountain Dew has come a long way from there early slogans like, “It’ll tickle your innards.” Putting the focus on the youth of America was very smart.